Live at the Chatterbox

Last May, I finally had the opportunity to perform at the Chatterbox in Indianapolis. I have wanted to play there for a long time so I was very happy about this coming together. I was joined by harpist, Melissa Gallant and my constant collaborator, Jordan Munson, who performed on drum set and an array of found objects. The Chatterbox has a long history of being one of the main hotspots for jazz in Indianapolis. At first I was a little worried about how a set of improvised electro-acoustic music would go over with a jazz crowd, but the response ended up being surprisingly enthusiastic. Actually the ensemble interaction within our trio was really that not that far off from how jazz usually works—although with a very different a musical language. Overall this ended up being one of my favorite performances of late. There is nothing better than sharing your music with a bar full of people, downtown on a gorgeous summer night. You can hear a sample of the performance below.

Big Robot Oklahoma performances

Last spring, Big Robot did performances and lecture/demos at the Cameron University New Music Festival (April 4-5, 2012) and during a residency at Oklahoma State University (April 8-9). The people at Cameron and OSU were incredibly generous and very enthusiastic about the group. We also had a chance to chill out in the beautiful Wichita Mountains. You can see a clip of our performance of Noir at OSU below.