SURVEILLANCE (2012) Music for bicycle wheel and interactive electronic music

Surveillance is formed from a progression of indeterminate gestures defined by a particular timbre or mode of action. These cells of activity can be initiated and shaped by the players with considerable freedom, but are guided by key moments of harmonic and structural articulation in the electronic accompaniment. Progress through the score results in a developing counterpoint of texture and tone color. The sonic atmosphere created in the work is intended to be evocative of omnipresence, detachment and voyeurism. Surveillance is published as part of the Percussion Computer Media Collection.

Big Robot performs SURVEILLANCE

Big Robot – Surveillance from Big Robot on Vimeo.


Resurrection (2011) 2-channel audio

Something lost is recovered, reawakened. It breaks darkness with a white energy that builds in strength and luminance. Rest will not last, as darkness is always reborn.

End Times

End Times (2012, 2015) 2-channel audio with video

End Times is inspired by the cycles of decay and rebirth found all around us in nature and in the human condition. The sounds heard in the piece are almost entirely derived from the 1945 song ‘Till the End of Time’ by Buddy Kaye and Ted Mosseman.


CrazyFace (2012) 2-channel audio

The piece is inspired by a strange series of reports involving people mysteriously losing consciousness during August 29-October 31,1971 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. In each of these incidents, the victim described seeing a tall figure with bandages or some type of cloth mask concealing the face. According to reports the bandaged man, who has acquired the nickname CrazyFace, never spoke or made physical contact with any of the victims. There appears to be no connection between these incidents other than the alleged appearance of the bandaged man, which in all accounts is described as the last thing seen before losing consciousness. There has never been any official explanation of the cause of these incidents.


Water Mining (2014) music and art installation

Brian McCutcheon
Jordan Munson
Michael Drews

Water Mining is an interactive sculpture built to collect and amplify the underwater sounds of the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park lake in Indianapolis. The work was first commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art as part of the Autumn Equinox celebration event in 2014. The work includes a live musical response to the sculpture broadcasts using amplified water and electronic sounds. Versions of Water Mining have been commissioned for the Indianapolis In Light In festival in 2016 and the Sound Expeditions project (2017).

Water Mining at the Indianapolis In Light In festival in 2016.